Top Vaporizer Tips

If you want a real education on what smoke can do to you, take your pipe and a clean white tissue and after inhaling, slowly exhale through the tissue.

What do you see?  Does it look like something you want to put into your body?

Chance are, you saw a brown or even black stain on that previously clean white tissue.  If you try the same thing with an electronic cigarette or any of the vaporizers for smoking on the market, you’ll see only a moist spot, no foul looking residue at all.

How can this be?  Read on to see.

The Basics

Vaporization is a process by which your plant material is heated just short of burning.  This releases the moisture inside the plant and carries it’s essence to your respiratory tract.  The effect is a clean, smooth taste without any hint of burning or smoke.

When you use a regular pipe, you burn the plant material and the smoke carries what essence hasn’t been burned into your respiratory tract.

Which do you think is ultimately healthier?  Inhaling hot smoke or cool, smooth water vapor?

A side benefit is that you use a lot less of your plant material, which is great if you want to stretch your budget.  There’s no burning, so you lose none of the plant’s flavor or essence.

Types of Vaporizers

Basically, you can get a couple of different kinds:

  • Tabletop
  • Portable

Tabletop models usually require an outlet to provide electricity for heating the plant matter.  Some are merely box shaped devices with a simple hose attached that you pull through.  Other include a fan to push the vapor to your mouth.  And still others, which is great for parties, allow you to fill plastic bags with the vapor and then pass the bag around so everyone can have a turn easily.

Portable models also require a heat source- some run on batteries, some require a lighter and others use lighter fluid and a piezoelectric switch to ignite the fluid (think of the igniter button on your gas grill and you’ll get the basic idea).

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches but mainly the portable ones allow you to vaporize on the go or at a movie while tabletop models are intended for home use.


Want to Try An Experiment?*

If you are adventurous and have a flair for being inventive and you always wanted to try a vaporizer without buying one, here’s something you can try:

Take a glass bottle and put a few drops of water in it, then add a bit of plant matter.  Heat the bottle (being careful not to burn your hands, as the glass WILL get hot), then pull the vapor that comes out into your lungs.

Do you see that the taste is somewhat “cleaner” than using a pipe?  This is how you can make your own vaporizer for not much money.  You might want to put more thought into it if you plan to use it regularly or just buy one now that you have proof of concept..

One thing to consider: some types of glass have a coating that can actually harm your lungs even while vaporizing, so it’s smart to do some homework on the type of glass you’re using before exposing yourself accidentally.  One example that comes to mind is using an old light bulb.  Many light bulbs are coated with a substance that is harmful to the lungs so if you were to try this using a light bulb which has the bottom removed you would want to do some investigation to make sure there was nothing on the glass that could harm you.

Whatever you decide to do, be careful- the whole idea of using a vaporizer is to minimize/ eliminate damage to your body.

Good luck, be safe and enjoy!


*Perform this experiment at your own risk, and always use caution and sound judgement- any doubts, just don’t do it.  We at are not responsible for what may happen if you decide to try this and become injured.  Safety first!

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