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We love to have your input on the creation of content for this site- you can be sure to contact the webmaster with any questions- I leave the technical stuff to him!  Before we get started on this site, it’s a good idea to get some things out of the way.  Everyone knows you can use vapes for the consumption of illegal substances- but just like at the local head shop, these are labeled for tobacco use only (especially if you decide to buy one through our store!).

You should use your vaporizers only with legal herbals, this is our disclaimer.  We are not interested in debating the use of cannabis, we prefer to live and let live.  As far as the marijuana issue, we take no official stand and have nothing to add to the conversation expect for:









Willie Nelson using vaporizer

Willie Nelson is a Booster!

He loves his vaporizers!




OK, now that we’ve taken care of some site business, it’s time to move on to the various sections dealing with how vapes work and some review pages too….

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